29 February 2012

The Essential Guide to Healing by B Johnson & R Clark

I have just completed two books that I received from Chosen Books a division of Baker Publishing Group. Both address issues I once thought I understood, but in the last couple of years I have found myself questioning.

The Essential Guide to Healing  Equipping All Christians to Pray for the Sick by Bill Johnson and Randy Clark contends that:
God’s miraculous healing is part of the Good News, and you, too, can become a powerful conduit for the healing power He loves to manifest.
Both Clark and Johnson share personal stories about witnessing God’s healing power.

The middle section of the book uses scripture to explain and at times defend that healing demonstrates the gospel of the Kingdom of God, as applicable today as it was two thousand years ago. I know this is true, and even though this covers a supernatural subject I can’t help sensing the bias of the author’s human understanding.  Far too often we interpret God's Word to suit our own beliefs instead of our beliefs being shaped by the Word itself.

The third part of the book is practical teaching on the practice of healing. Once again I found myself disturbed as I read about following patterns that have worked for others or that were successful in the past. I don’t believe that Jesus followed a particular set of rules or patterns when He healed, in fact scripture shows us that He healed the same ailments (blindness for example) in a variety of ways.

The idea that the ministry of healing is not reserved for a select few is appealing indeed. We all want to feel that God would choose to move through us. It is important however to remember that God is the only One Who heals even when He uses our hands.

I will return to this book again as I continue to seek God’s heart and understanding about this topic. I have much to learn, but desire that the majority of that teaching comes directly from the Master.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Chosen Books. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

I shall be back soon with my review of The Promise of Provision by Derek Prince.


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