10 February 2012

Love came late

Love came late, hard
not a babe, no, fully formed.
With so much time already wasted
Yahweh-jireh, the One Who provided
urged me to jump, dive in deep
unwrap the gift of my beloved
the man He chose, sealed as mine.
Here am I still, submerged
giddy with wonder, joy
untying ribbons to learn more each day
the secrets of who Rick is
who I am
and Who He Is
Who brought me to this moment
lovesick in time.

Joining Bonnie as we unwrap love this month



Anonymous said...

later and very good...

Sheila said...

Karin....you say, no--share, so much in these few well-woven words.

Thank you for this glimpse of your heart.

Alecia said...

What a beautiful picture of love! Thanks for sharing.

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