28 February 2012

Choosing to obey

Ready to burst and bloom, yet waiting
For a long time now my bio has described me as:
a sold out disciple of Jesus Christ learning more each day what it means to abide in Him; desiring to walk in radical obedience to His voice and praying that my life brings glory to The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit
I choose to obey because I have tasted the sweetness of the blessings that accompany bowing to His direction, His will, His ways.  With each new act of surrender, there is a breaking, a shifting and a settling.  The more I give up of myself, the deeper the peace that descends and envelopes me.

As hard as it is sometimes to go when He says "go" speak when He says "speak" or jump if He says "jump" it is far more difficult for me to be still.

Yet this is indeed where I now find myself, quiet, listening and awaiting His command.

So when my words are few, I pray you will understand.  I have books reviews to post shortly and then will write whatever He inspires.

What about you?  Is it easier for you to move or remain still?


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