04 January 2012

Words for 2012 Courage-Focus-Trust

It has become a habit as a new year begins to seek the Lord for a word or scripture to centre my spirit upon.  Not sure if what I was sensing was indeed from Him, I sat down and spent some quiet moments in His presence, journal open, pen in hand.

Lord, this calendar year is drawing quickly to an end - is there something You want to share?  I sense the word You are giving me for 2012 is three in one -courage, focus, trust.  Have I heard You or my own thoughts?

We have grown so close this year, little one, that often your thoughts are My thoughts.

Yes - believe that, even if it makes you pause.  The desire for oneness comes as you abide.

It will take more courage than you have before exercised to stand strong in what you believe in the days ahead.  The enemy of your soul will try to convince you there is too much on the line, but if you are with Me, I Am with you, so none can truly be against you, no matter what it looks like.

I will hone your focus.  What seems like scattered flames will be drawn together into a raging fire of purpose and passion.  Continue to look through My eyes.  pay heed to what you see and worry not about what you don't see.  You will not need to search for things to spend your time and efforts on; I shall set in clear sight those things I require of you.  Like Moses' bush, they shall blaze too brightly to ignore.

And trust, little one, always that I Am here, around you, within you.  You are not stepping out alone.  You are correct to place no trust in your flesh, but -- you can trust the Me in you.

You have some far.  There is yet far to go.

Jamming with Bonnie about our words for 2012

and relishing His touch with Jennifer



jasonS said...

Those three words are a pattern for godly success. We have to have them or we will become complacent or terrified. Great word, Karin. Thank you.

Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

God has a thing for three-in-one. So I think that seems entirely appropriate. Your trinity of words seems to go well together. It takes all three, I think, to start a fire and fan a flame.

A Joyful Noise said...

Thank you for this anointed "Word of Knowledge." I receive it for my own! Fire will be blazing. Holy Ghost fire!

Sandra Heska King said...

And that honed focus sets the stage for trust and courage. Praying giant steps for you with your feet landing directly in His footprints.

Lisa notes... said...

Your three-in-one is an excellent choice. They fit together perfectly. I could use extra helpings of all 3!

Bonnie Gray said...

All three words are wonderfully rich in faith. Thanks for sharing your One Word with us, as you embark on a fresh journey. It will make for rich soul life. :)

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