11 January 2012

Where am I looking?

I sat quietly with the Lord early watching the snow falling soft in the dim waking light.

He wanted to know if I would fix my eyes upon Him or upon my troubles.

"Upon You, of course" was my quick reply.  I'm not sure if I heard Him laugh.

The day grew light, snow continued to fall, exceeding the forcasts, and though beautiful, it spoke of potential dangers.

I have found joy in finding myself beginning to form an fitness habit again since we now have a recumbent exercise cycle in the basement that we purchased for an excellent price.  It was reduced due to the fact that the person who first tried to assemble it stripped the threads on the pedal crank.  It was returned to the store in Winnipeg where it was purchased, fixed by welding the pedal on permanently, and sold to another resaler in a town nearby.  This is where we found it.  If the only problem was a pedal that was welded so it couldn't be removed, well, that wasn't a problem at all!

Silly to think that anything is permanent...

Yesterday the pedal began to wiggle.  Today it has broken off.  Problem.

I decided to try some strength training floorwork instead.  Ouch!  The floor is too hard, my body too stiff, the lump on my backside too sore.  Problem.

I'd like to make plans to travel South to spend time with Mom but still await the scheduling of medical tests of my own.  Problem.  Problem.  Problem.

And now I truly do believe I hear His charming snicker and I remember His pre-dawn question, and I'm fixing my eyes, fixing my heart, casting it all upon Him.

Sharing with Jennifer and feeling the God-Bumps

and sweet loving Emily and the others imperfect but loved



Lori said...

Enjoyed this post so much - loved the aha moment at the end, when you know that God is watching over you just shaking his head with a smile...

Brian Miller said...

ha it is kinda fun to think that god snickers at times...at us...smiles.

emily wierenga said...

i love this stream-of-consciousness post friend, and how you can relate to my struggling to focus on him too--a great reminder. bless you.

Jerralea said...

I, too, encounter problems with fitness goals - all the time!

It was fun to think of God snickering at you! I am sure He does shake His head at us from time to time.

God bless you, and may we BOTH focus on Him more this week.

Amy Sullivan said...

Ha! I like it when I hear God laugh at me. Of course my eyes are on you, Lord.

Oh and ps, I wish it looked that snowy here. Oh, I miss blustery days.

Dolly @Soulstops said...

Your photo is beautiful...Liked how you shared your talk with God...made me chuckle...thanks!

Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

So, your snow has finally fallen ...

And may His grace and love continue to fall upon you, gently..


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