19 January 2012

Compiling joy

It is the stillness of fresh fallen snow when the wind calms at last
Steam fogging windows that speak of warmth within
A welcome
The gentle laughter that sparks love
The touch transforming spark to flame
Eyes whispering "I know you" without a word
Prayers that praise, protect
connecting us to Him Who created one from two
The keeping of promises
The slogging through when light seems yet far off
In all that is contained in not only keeping a house
but a home
not only "making a living"
but the building of a life.

Did I ever once imagine I could hold this kind of joy?

Jamming with Bonnie to the tune of joy

and linking with Emily and others loved in their imperfection



Alene said...

This is totally beautiful! Thanks for sharing such words. Blessings from Faith Jam.

Angel said...

I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and have known the feeling you describe in this lovely collection of words. Thank you for "compiling joy" into poetry for all of us to enjoy!

P.S. I would be honored if you would join me as I embark on a new blog hop which encourages the sharing of inspiration each Friday. It opens tonight and you can learn about it here:


Kim Hyland said...

Such rich imagery and words to express such profound beauty and relationship. This inspires and comforts me both at once. The last line . . "Did I ever once imagine I could hold this kind of joy?" It gives my heart shivers!

emily wierenga said...

this building of a life... on the foundation he lays... this, is joy. thank you friend.

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