18 January 2012


January cold presses in
warnings abound
wind chills are extreme they say

so I snuggle in
resting under mighty wings
the warmth of the One
Who exemplifies

extreme mercy
extreme grace
extreme love

Please join me in prayer for those who do not have shelter tonight and for those who do not know that He Is always there to care for them.

You've always given me breathing room, a place to get away from it all, A lifetime pass to your safe-house, an open invitation as your guest.  Psalm 61:3 The Message

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Lori said...

Wow. This is so very topical to me tonight. If this were a quiz I'd say, "All of the above" in my need to rest in Him. And I am so very thankful that I have a shelter, in physical body and for my soul.

Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

Ooo .. Nice take on extreme.

We're also expected to get some EXTREME cold this weekend. Now, when I hear that word repeated over and over again by the weather forecasters, I'll remember another kind of EXTREME.


Brian Miller said...

my prayers are with them as well...ugh that is extreme...would not like to be out in it..

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