03 June 2009

Global Day of Prayer 2009

10 days of united and focused prayer concluded Sunday evening with our Global Day of Prayer gathering. The Spirit of the Lord was moving in our worship, and in our prayers and declarations. This year I was able to find people to read parts of the "Prayer For The World" in different languages. We began with Afrikaans, to honour the nation of South Africa where the vision was birthed.

I knew that God was at work when unexpectedly an Aboriginal Pastor, his wife and friends joined us. We were blessed to have him pray in Ojibway and release a word about revival over our area.

"I feel the Holy Ghost is in this house. I want you to know, saints of God, the Spirit of Revival is hovering over Dauphin. And each church is going to receive a special visitation by the Spirit of God and everyone's needs are going to be met. The spiritual needs."

With a part of the prayer also being read in French, we had all 3 languages of Canada declared into the heavens!

Prayers were also read in a Nigerian dialect and in Norwegian. A Korean minster was in attendance with a group from another church in our region, and though he did not speak from the pulpit, Asia was also represented through his prayers.

On two occassions we broke off into small groups to spend time in repentence and to pray for the lost. These moments of prayer were intense and powerful, and I wished I didn't need to break them up and call us all back together.

Lord, we love You. Lord, we adore You. Lord, continue to break our hearts over the dis-unity in the Church and lead us along the paths You desire, roads that bring us closer to You and to each other, that we might truly be the Body of Christ, the bride You will return for,

"The one who is testifying to these things says, "Yes, I am coming soon!" Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!" Revelation 22:20

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