10 June 2009

A Woman Inspired or Ignited?

I have completed three out of four days of the "A Woman Inspired - Ministry Online Conference". Each evening my husband has asked me "What did you learn today?" and I have tried to answer in some sane fashion, while my mind has been spinning with new ideas, concepts and convictions.

I'm learning about how to introduce my Twitter to my Facebook and let them build a relationship of their own. I'm taking tests to determine my personality type. What colours best represent that personality? Who am I trying to reach? How has God gifted me? What am I most passionate about and how can I best share that passion? And more... and more....

It's not about me, it's all about Him, and all that I say, write and do is (or should be) to bring Him glory.

Have I been inspired? I think perhaps it would be better to say I've been ignited! Anyone else feel the same way?


you gotta wonder said...

I can hardly wait to digest and apply all that we're learning. I've been squeezing sessions in between work meetings. I am most excited (ignited!) about remodeling my blog!!! I hope I can retain everything until this weekend when I have more time to dig in.

Kristen @ dancing in the margins said...

Me too! I loved April's conference as well and in both I have personally taken away so much.

As you said, I'm ignited!

For His glory.

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