10 May 2013

Sorrow and joy

We all must hold the cups of our lives. As we grow older and become more fully aware of the many sorrows of life - personal failures, family conflicts, disappointments in work and social life, and the many pains surrounding us on the national and international scene - everything within and around us conspires to make us ignore, avoid, suppress, or simply deny these sorrows.  "Look at the sunny side of life and make the best of it," we say to ourselves and hear others say to us.   But when we want to drink the cups of our lives, we need first to hold them, to fully acknowledge what we are living, trusting that by not avoiding but befriending our sorrows we will discover the true joy we are looking for right in the midst of our sorrows.
Henri Nouwen

Taking the time to breathe
hold sorrows with the joy
and live.

looking for the still point with Sandy


Anonymous said...

Wise words for my weekend! Thank you, sweet sister. :)

elizabeth said...

I've never read Henri Nouwen and know that I need to. This quote is amazing.

Mia De Vries said...

I often wonder what would have become of us if our dear Lord Jesus just looked at the sunny side of life!! How can we not be filled with sorrow when we see all the pain and suffering around us!
Blessings and love this weekend.

Lisa said...

Lovely bloom, cupping its possibilities for regeneration. Caring this wisdom away with me today; tucked it deep in my heart to prayerfully tend to the sorrow that each of us and the world carries.

Leslie said...

i just read that quote myself the other day, and was thinking about it this morning. may you have grace for this leg of your journey...

Anonymous said...

I am holding that cup of sorrow and know that it is okay. The God of all comfort is right here with me. Glad I came by for Mr. Nouwen's quote is powerful. Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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