28 May 2013

At last, the rain

mist gathered into itself
drops cleaving
synergy revealed
and clouds shatter
spilling sweetness long denied

birds find shelter 
in newly leafed boughs
the parched ground
stills its constant cry
to drink
long and deep

hanging out at the pub today



Dianne said...

"spilling sweetness long denied"--love that!

Louise said...

Lovely poem...the rain must be a blessed relief in dry countries :)

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Lovely piece--I loved the last stanza!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the rain, and this poem just makes me happy.

Mary said...

Enjoyed the images in this poem...especially the birds finding shelter in the newly leafed boughs! Spring has been a long time in coming.

Todd Kraft said...

I like how you capture the moment. It's nice how the rhythm of the poem echoes the drops from the heavens.

Anonymous said...

Ah - such pretty rhythms here - a kind of sigh at the end. k.

Brian Miller said...

fels good to get that drink...esp after it has been denied....never so beautiful to get the rain eh?

Victoria said...

I like the verbs you chose to paint this scene of rain--it seems a lot of us experienced a wet few days.

Penelope Jones said...

rain... we all find reasons to love it! :)


Wolfsrosebud said...

amazing what was said in a few lines... I'll be glad to send rain to dry places... my boots are getting wet

Jody Lee Collins said...

ohhhhhhh, I hope the rain came and stayed so you felt like you actually had a visit.

lovely words, friend.

One Prayer Girl said...

..clouds shatter spilling sweetness...I hear lightening in the shatter accompanying the torrential downpour. Oh how rain changes everything. We had our sprinkler system repaired and our yard is being transformed. It's beautiful to watch.
Thank you for this lovely poem.

Jeff said...

The agony of anticipation at last soothed by the sweetness of fulfillment.

I like your rain. It was worth waiting for.


flaubert said...

I can relate to this, firefly. We have finally gotten some rain this year and it was long awaited. Very pretty verse.


M. J. Joachim said...

I love the rain. We could sure use some of it around here right about now.

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