01 November 2011

Strategy? What strategy?

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I should have a plan
that's surely what the world would say
what writing logic would say
50,000 words in 30 days
there must be a strategy to accomplish such a task
and yet

the only plan I can follow
is His
the only words I wish to write
are those He supplies

my only strategy
is surrender
to be a pen in His hand
leaking Jesus onto every page

joining Peter Pollock and others talking about strategy



Anonymous said...

my thoughts...that sounds like the best strategy around.

caryjo said...

Yep. He's it. Nothing else counts. Called basic faith. Thanks.

A Joyful Noise said...

Let my words whether coming from my mouth, or my pen, or my computer, be acceptable in His sight! As you have reminded us - -
May our words flow from HIM!

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