09 November 2011

Paper Angels by Billy Coffey

I was blessed to receive an Advanced Readers Copy of Billy’s Coffey’s novel Paper Angels which releases today from Faith Words - Hachette Book Group.

I’ve been waiting excitedly to tell you about it.

Andy Sommerville might not have had the very best life one could imagine, but it was a life. When an unexpected turn left him the victim of a violent crime his quiet community was shaken. So was Andy.

When Elizabeth, a woman he assumes to be a counselor appears in his hospital room he finds himself forced to face significant memories and events of his life.

As he revisits these memories, we not only learn more about Andy but are invited to dig deeper into the journeys of those around him.

In the same way Snow Day wove the stories of many into one complete tale, in Paper Angels Billy Coffey shows us how many parts add up to more than the whole.

I felt as if I was sitting next to Billy, in a rocking chair, on his favorite spot on the porch, listening to him spin words into stories of truth.

This is a novel not to be missed. And while you’re at it, if you’ve never read Billy’s first novel Snow Day, pick up a copy and read it too! In fact, pick up extra copies of both to give away for Christmas.

You can follow Billy as he weaves truth and God’s love into tales of ordinary life on his blog at http://www.billycoffey.com/ and find more infor about his books at Faith Words.



Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

I've got the same book beside me. Billy is a fantastic storyteller, isn't he?

katdish said...

Thanks for a great review. I miss Andy Sommerville already. But I don't think we've seen the last of him.

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