15 November 2011

Looking up

Skies darken fast
once November comes
glory streaks rose
gold and hot
but doesn’t linger
the plunge into winter

Look up into black
watch the sky
drift down
a billion silver
sparkling bits

Snow covers
fault lines
the daily dirt
what was broken
makes all things new

He sends the snow like white wool; he scatters frost upon the ground like ashes
Psalm 147:16 NLT

Taking a moment away from fiction writing for National Novel Writing Month to dive back into a random act of poetry with the prompt look up.



Anonymous said...

Lovely to think how He blankets us in white and transforms the landscape. Thanks Karin.

Anonymous said...

it's good that you took some time to look up.

Doug Spurling said...

This was good - thank you. Out of the black sky came the light. Out of the black tomb came The Light.

Monica Sharman said...

I loved reading about all that the snow covers. Especially the fault lines!

Sandra Heksa king said...

A shattering before the sparkling...hmmm...

He makes all things new. Indeed.

Were you lying on frozen ground?

Cindee Snider Re said...

Mmmm...these lines I especially like, "watch the sky/shatter/drift down/a billion silver/sparkling bits". I love the words shatter and a billion silver, sparkling bits. They almost make me long for the first gentle flakes here too.

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