28 November 2011

I'm still here

I seem to have been away.  I miss wandering in this space.  November will soon come to a close and my time here will return.  Here's another little taste of what i have been working on:

Jessie went back upstairs with her legs feeling shaky and weak. “I don’t know if I’m ready for this yet” she thought.

“You are ready indeed” said the steady voice. “Look for the words I speak about truth in your Bible. It’s time.”

She hung her new coat in the closet and flopped into the armchair, picking up her Bible as she was told.

“How do I find the words about truth” she thought and then remembered there was a kind of index in the back, not a dictionary, she thought, more like a table of contents. She looked for the word “truth”. There was a long list of page numbers and places where truth was mentioned with the beginnings of the passages listed too. She didn’t really know where to start, but as her eyes moved down the list they noticed these words in John:

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free

“It is freedom that the calm voice keeps talking about” she thought and though there were many other things on the list, she thought that this is what He really wanted her to know.

“Free from what?” she pondered.

“Free from the lies. Truth will silence the voices. You have already seen a bit of this.”

“Yes, I think I have. When I listen to you, they have no more words to say” Jessie answered out loud.

“Truth is light. This is why I tell you to bring everything into the light. Lies cannot live there.”

Jessie was comforted by His words, yet once again the voices rose.

“You think you’re hearing from God? You silly girl, you’re making it all up.”

“No!” Jessie answered loudly. She held up the Bible in her hand. “I didn’t make this up, did I?”

There was no reply.

Jessie snorted, boldly saying “No answer to that huh?”

Closing her eyes she slipped into a place of dreams.

She found herself walking into an old house. The floor creaked with each step and she could hear the sounds of crying and voices arguing. She walked from room to room and each time she flipped a switch and turned on the lights there was silence in that room and the noise moved to another room. Over and over again, the voices scattered away when the light was turned on, only to move to a room that was still dark. Only when she had turned on a light in every room of the house was there silence and a sense of peace.

“This is what You have been trying to tell me” Jessie said, waking suddenly. “I have to turn the lights on everywhere so that the lies have nowhere left to hide.”

“Yes. You are letting Me teach you”

“But I am still afraid” Jessie thought aloud. “There is so much that no one knows.”

“I know. I know all of it. And I will be with you.”

“And if I don’t tell? Then the secrets will still have power over me, right?” Jessie asked.

“You already know the answer to that” replied the calm and steady voice.

“The truth will set me free
The truth will set me free
And then I can be
Who I was meant to be
Maybe everything before
Was really just a lie
And when I turn the lights on
You can teach me how to fly”


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Glynn said...

There is nothing so powerful that God can't overcome. Even our darkest secrets.

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