15 November 2011

Helping a miracle

In his new book What's the Best That Could Happen,  Jason Stasyszen shares insights and encouragement in the same way he shares on his blog Connecting to Impact.

I have always been challenged and spurred on by Jason's words, for example, in Chapter 15 - A Life of Obedience and Trust he writes:

There is a blessing in obedience that cannot be understated. It's a blessing of heart, mind, soul, and spirit. It proves we are who we say we are. If we confess to be followers of Jesus, obedience proves we follow Jesus. If there's not obedience to what He taught (and how He leads) then we aren't living in truth.
This strikes deep into my spirit, for my greatest desire is indeed to walk in radical obedience.  It is in fact obedience to the Lord's voice that calls me to share this book and help both a friend and a child.

If you've never read Jason's blog, this book is  a great way to catch up. 

For regular followers, you likely already know that Jason and his family are believing a miracle will unfold around them as they raise funds to go to Japan to bring home the adopted son they have dreamed of for years.

Your purchase of this wonderful E-Book will help support their cause.  Find out more about the book and how you can help by clicking HERE.  If you don't want to purchase the book you can donate directly, and if you can't donate, you can pray.  Follow the journey at Jason's blog Connecting to Impact.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Karin. We cannot express how grateful we are for the support. :)

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