20 September 2011

Who built the pedestal?

There is something in our nature that tends to elevate others above ourselves.  We build platforms, pedestals and altars for those we deem worthy of more than average praise.

Celebrities of all sorts, from musicians to actors to writers to ministry leaders are lifted up to where the air is thin as we circle around them in a sort of frenzied adoration.  The higher we raise them, the more room there is for them to fall.

As they lie bleeding and scrambling on the ground, do we offer a hand up?  Or do we snort and sneer and mutter "Just who did you think you were anyway?"

It is not for me to judge the intentions of Mel Gibson's heart, that job is God's alone.  Perhaps we would be well served to ask God for His opinion.  After all, we serve a God who called King David a man after His own heart, this, after David swan dived big-time.

I pray that hearts are open when viewing the new works of Mr. Gibson, that we do not count his errors against him because he couldn't sustain life is his high spot of elevation.  Before we judge his fall, let's ask ourselves, "who built the pedestal?"

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Anonymous said...

What a great question. The implications are far-reaching.

Definitely something to think about; thank you for the challenge.

Andrew Ronzino said...

Who built the pedestal? That's a very true question. Because we put these stars on pedestals, they fall farther than the rest of us when they stumble. They we look at them with disgust. WE'RE the people who put them there in the first place!

Thank you for sharing this. It was well written.

Chris Tian said...

hmm, perhaps it's time to build pedestals out of grace....more like a chair or couch,one we can share and with lots and lots of fluffy cushions to rest on or fall onto.

Joyful said...

"There but for the grace of God, go I". How much we should remember those words and "Judge not that ye be not judged". Seems man likes to judge others. I'm so glad that God loves us and shows mercy, love and grace though I know there is also a time of judgement.

Carolyn Counterman said...

My Daddy used to say "the higher you climb up the ladder, the more your butt sticks out in the air". I think we all contribute to building the pedestals. Maybe we build them because we like to shake them. I don't know. There is alot about human nature that I would rather not know. I'm not the one who can point a finger at Mel. I'm just lucky that not as many people have been watching me screw up.

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