10 September 2011

Saturday magic

After holidays away, I have spent the week feeling scattered, trying to catch up with work to be done but lacking focus. I have wanted to simply sit in the presence of my Lord, allowing Him to wash away the travel dust.

This is good. This is good indeed, says He.

Today I find strength, a sense of comfort and joy as I dig deep, pulling roots from the soil. Beets, onions, carrots.  There is dirt beneath my fingernails, coating my toes.  I wash, chop and shred preparing for magic, the witnessing of transformation.

The beets, crusted with dried bits of dirt and dead leaves are homely and humble in the gathering pail, but a bit of water and heat reveal their inner beauty in a riot of scarlet.

Then there is the mixing, a bit of this, a lot of that, items almost insignificant on their own that blend together in the pot to create bowls of nutrition, fresh, hot and filled with flavour.

Yes, there is wonder in what results from the coming together of humble parts to create a glorious whole.  Now come, sit, eat.

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! Psalm 34:8 NKJV


Anonymous said...

it is all together quite a mystery.

JC Dude said...

Transformation...it is a mystery but also a promise! Thanks Karin!

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