06 September 2011

Reading poetry on a Tuesday afternoon

Nancy Rosback of a Little Somethin' has created a place for us to share our poetry the same way I believe we are to share our faith, out loud.

This is a poem I wrote some time ago that seemed to want a voice.

Moments still
take me
by surprise
late evening’s coyote chorus
curls in the edge of a leaf
as it tumbles
to the ground
in the crackle
of finality

Fireball of sun
streaking sky with glory
as it fades
the gentle tug
in my spirit
by the One Who says
“I made this all for you”

Reading poetry on Tuesday afternoon by HisFireFly

Come on over and see what others have shared HERE


Glynn said...

I love what Nancy has done - we get to hear the voices of those we only know by written words. And this is a wonderful peom, Karin.

Anonymous said...

fantastical !!! thank you so much for adding your voice to the group. :-) big smiles

wonderful poem and you read it so well.

Leslie said...

you've captured the freshness of these moments quite well. lovely...

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