12 July 2011

Unfair trade

Eleven years ago I left city (suburban) lights behind me
moved from the Chicago area
to rural Manitoba
trading concrete for prairies
sidewalks for paths
asphalt for gravel roads
the roar of traffic for silence
broken only by birdsongs or a howling coyote

Yes, things are slower here
as I surrender to God's time
and savour the summer
life lived on porches, backyards
wide cottage decks on lake shores
breathing in fresh
and letting peace flow
time to connect
listen, pray
or simply watch in wonder, content

It was all a trade quite unfair
I gave up my life without God
for the one He chose for me
filling it with Himself
I received everything and more
for nothing at all
all because of His great love

Stop by Peter Pollock's to read more views of the word porch


Anonymous said...

His will and heart for us is beautiful and filled with joy (even in the struggles). Thanks Karin.

A Joyful Noise said...

We too were rooted up, 20 years ago, not so willingly, but of necessity to move from the big city to our rural and paid for mobile home. So although things are quieter her, except for an occasional coyote, of the howl of a dog who answers back, we find ourselves content. Contentment with God is great gain says God’s Word.
You (and we) have found peace in God’s will and that is most important.

Leslie said...

this is full of beauty and a heart of gratitude...

Alyssa said...

I just love the idea of sacrificing all we think we have for all of God's plan for us. Well written:)

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