05 July 2011

Waiting to bloom

There are words
we grow tired
of speaking
hearing, thinking about
life on the cusp
to become
whatever comes
from seed
to bud
to flower

screaming inside
to reach
but still trapped
not content
with green
or the waiting
for colour
to come forth

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Anonymous said...

I definitely get tired of hearing those words and feeling them, but at the heart, I know that transition is still moving forward and I have to give thanks. Thank you, Karin.

Brian Miller said...

each turn and transition leads to to new days, new experiences...how apropo for me today...i will still be around...just stepping away from OSP...

Pat Hatt said...

Have to move forward and accept new transistions, perfectly said in your write.

Deidra said...

Nice imagery and a wonderful way to describethr waiting/change process.

Elizabeth Young said...

Transition is always hard, even when it's good transition, but all of life is about change. You have beautifully portrayed this through this piece of prose.

Helena White said...

Changes, transition...acceptance and move on...wonderful prose and very well said!

Glynn said...

And the color will come forth. Good poem.

Shopgirl said...

I love how you gave color to the waiting process. I am in transition also so I've been telling myself to "be still" for a while. Enjoyed the last line of "Waiting for colour to come forth".

Anonymous said...

Transitions are both sad and exhilarating. Great expression...

cosmos cami said...

I liked this.

Jeanne said...

Perfect in its description of how transitions feel...even the word itself we are tired of!

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