04 July 2011

Choose freedom

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This morning as I was meditating on what to write about freedom I came upon an old notebook that I used to carry in my bible case.  In December 2001 I wrote:

You can never be completely free until you become a slave to the cross of Christ.

A few pages later, in notes from a conference in 2003 I found a word I sensed the Lord asking me to share:

Bring them to Me.  Bring the sheep to Me.  Show them the gate.  They cannot be free until they come in.  Show them the gate.  They think there is freedom in running wild - but out there they are captive - they can only be free in Me.

So here is my warrior poem prompted by the word freedom:

What is this place
I've found?
The domain
of a humble King
where chains
are built from love
where the path
out of captivity
leads me
to a  bondage
that grows
deeper, sweeter.

As I choose again
to surrender
my right
to be free
what explodes
within is true
freedom in Him.

Join Jason and the other warriors at Connecting to Impact where we're writing about freedom

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Anonymous said...

It's so counterintuitive and against all the work drills into us, but the peace and rest and freedom is beyond compare. Great poem Karin. Thank you.

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