02 February 2010

Tuesdays Unwrapped - Connected Hearts

There are many people in my life who still can't quite comprehend the way I connect to others online. They might have gotten a handle on how email works, but instant messengers, Facebook, Twitter and the rest are something from a foreign land. When I talk about my latest blog post I see a familiar "I'm totally lost and haven't a clue what you're talking about" look in their eyes. Trying to explain "Blog. Web Log. You know, like a journal you keep on the internet." doesn't seem to help. Indeed there are people who can only live "face-to-face".

God created us to be in relationship, with Himself first and then with others. I am thankful and blessed by the in-person, I can reach out and touch you people God has placed in my life. They help shape the world around me. But I also live in another dimension, the land of the internet, and as difficult as it is for some to understand, we forge real relationships here as well. At times it seems that hearts can even connect in a more profound way without the trappings and distractions of "face-to face". The fact that many of these connections are seasonal does not detract from their importance or ability to touch us.

When Lisa Lehmann, known by many of you as thebeadgirl on Twitter was in the middle of creating a piece of jewelry for an art competition, I felt led by the Lord to provide words of encouragement. In obedience, I attempted to stay connected and check in during her journey. I was excited to see photos of the finished work and read Lisa's story of what it meant to her and how God was glorified through it all.

We have continued to send tweets and messages to each other, pats on the back, pick me ups, words of wisdom, humour and truth. I often make cyber visits to her jewelry shop Studio Jewel at Etsy to drool over her work. One day a few weeks ago, I mentioned I had seen something I would love to buy, if only our finances would allow. She then sent me a link to a necklace she had named "God Looks on the Heart" that she thought was more like me. She describes it as follows:

This is a design that comes straight from my heart. The story behind this piece is: although the world may judge us based on our outward appearance, what really matters is what is on the inside. That is why the crystal hangs in the middle of the heart. I have 3 beautiful daughters and as we approach the tween years I know this will become more and more important!

I Twittered a message saying it was perfect, I have always loved hearts.

Almost instantly, she tweeted back "Send me a mailing address and it's yours." I surely did not feel worthy of such an extravagant gift, but yesterday I joyfully unwrapped the striking pink and brown packaging and received a heart that connects with my heart.

What's more, I've unwrapped a gift far more priceless, the gift of friendship. Lisa, my words fall short of being able to express what I feel. May the blessing you poured upon me return to you with great multiplication as the Word promises us:

Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back. Luke 6:38 NLT

Visit Studio Jewel and check out Lisa's work. Maybe you'll find a gift for yourself or someone special in your life, or leave a hint for your husband for Valentine's Day.

And while you're online, Join Emily at Chatting at the Sky and share what you're unwrapping today.


Just a lass hiking with Jesus said...

That is a beautiful piece of love. Will have to check out her site. it has been nice to see people "befriend" me out here in blogland. I enjoy reading what is on people's hearts and God often uses others words to impress things on my heart. Thanks for the post!

Corinne said...

How absolutely beautiful. What a sweet gift.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

It is hard when people don't understand the quality of connections made online...so glad to have my internet friends!

thebeadgirl said...

such a blessing to be able to call you "friend"! I'm so glad you are enjoying your gift. Your kind words brought tears to my eyes! God is good...all the time.

Dawn said...

i know...
i talk about my bloggy friends and my face to face friends don't really get it. but i just keep on chatting because i know... that even without seeing them face to face, bloggy friends are real life friends... making connections with our hearts.

now i'm going on over to check out the jewelry... a lovely gift!

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