04 February 2010

$10 Challenge - Completed

On December 4th I posted here about my decision to join the $10.00 Challenge that Billy Coffey wrote about for Christmas 2009.

In that post I said I was waiting for the Holy Spirit to lead me. Christmas came and went and I still didn't sense His direction. I thought about slipping $10.00 into the Salvation Army bucket, or donating to our local food bank, but I wasn't getting the green light from the Lord.

In January our church youth group hosted a team from Beautiful Unique Girl for a pyjama party for girls in grade 5 - 8 that included pizza, a chocolate fondue, nail painting, worship and special guest speakers. With all the pressures from the world to conform and fit certain models of beauty, their message to young women is vital in it's simplicity:

We want you to know that God made you special. He made you for a reason, and He loves you very much. You have your own set of unique gifts and qualities and your own set of challenges, too! When we open ourselves to God and His Truth in our lives, we discover our true beauty and our uniqueness. He's placed special things inside of you that you will be sure to discover along the way as you get to know Him and His thoughts towards you!

A girl who discovers her inner beauty and lives it out will fully experience what it means to live a beautiful unique life.

We wanted to reach as many girls in our church and community as possible so a request for people to sponser attendees was put forth. The cost was $30/girl.

I figured that the $10 I was holding on to had earned interest since December, so I slipped $30 into an envelope with prayers that whatever young woman was able to attend would be blessed by the truth of God's great love for her.

I don't know who she was, and she doesn't know me. But. He. Does.

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