14 January 2008

Time to start working

At first, the plan for the November 2007 global team was to build a teacher’s house. When more people than expected became involved it was decided to split into two work teams. Team A’s project was the second story of a teacher’s house. As part of Team A, we spent the first day passing bricks, both on the ground and up on the scaffolding. Michael, a tireless team member spent the day pushing wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of mortar up the ramp to the second level in the hot sun.

Team B's classroom was being built from the ground up.
After the first day of work we all recognized that there were more workers than we needed on each team. More local workers were hired and people were pulled from each team to form Team AB. On Day 2, We became part of this new team to build a family home.

Day 2 was a good days work. We all moved bricks. We all laid bricks. We all moved bricks again. There was a great rapport between our team and the local workers. We taught each other words in our own languages, sang together, prayed and laughed. Oh yes, we did laugh. Because I was quoting scriptures such as Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I was dubbed the "team preacher".

Then there was the song I made up to the tune of "We Will Rock You". Standing in a line passing on the bricks, got to get it done let's get on with it. We will, we will build it (grunt) build it (grunt) We will, we will build it! Sun is getting hot and we start to sweat and it isn't even nine-thirty yet. We will, we will build it (grunt) build it (grunt) We will, we will build it!

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