11 January 2008

First visit to the Bulrushes

The Bulrushes is Watoto's first baby's home and a place where those who have been orphaned and discarded can begin to learn about the love God has for them.

“Jesus said let the little children come to me and do not hinder them” Matthew 7:14

This was artwork around the top of one the main rooms.

We were blessed and honoured to have the chance to be God's arms as we held many of the little ones. This boy was both deaf and blind but his remaining senses craved stimulation. He loved being held, stroked and tickled. For my part, I was happy to provide what he desired.

This picture of Geoff and the boys on the slide looks quite calm and charming, actually both babies began to cry as Geoff came near. The rest of us didn’t really find him nearly that scary.
Everyone had a baby or two and dishes of food and helped out at feeding time. When extra volunteers are not around, the regular workers are likely run off their feet.

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