12 January 2008

Communities around Bbira & Suubi

Accommodations at Watoto villages, though humble, are 5 star compared to the surrounding areas. There is much to be praised about all the "green space" at Bbira and Suubi. Here is a typical home outside one of the villages. Likely many families share this space.

As our bus traveled down the surrounding village roads we created quite a lot of excitement. Waving, shouting, laughing kids were always happy to greet us. The shouts of "mzungu” (white people) will forever echo in our hearts and spirits.

Here is a typical butcher shop in a poorer area of town.

Our day ended with a team meeting under the gazebo. It was a time of sharing, each one taking a turn to tell the story of how God brought them here. I was often in tears as were many others. God indeed has a plan for each of us and is changing all of our hearts. We will not be the same people when we leave this place.

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