14 January 2008

Sunday - Church at last!

I am sorry that I told Rick not to bring his camera to church at KPC. I would have loved pictures of the worship platform, the huge choir arrayed in vivid colors. I wept as I sang and clapped and lifted my hands through an hour of abandoned worship. My desire is to live with reckless abandon, totally sold out to my Lord and Master. Isn't that why I'm here? Can I say again today "let me die to myself and live for His glory"

After the service we met and shared lunch with more Watoto staff members and received additional information about our mission and the Watoto vision. The opportunity seems to be arising to travel to Gulu and catch more of the vision for bringing the love of Jesus to that region. I know the way my spirit leapt last summer when I first heard KPC had planted a church there and had plans for a village and a receiving/restoration centre for those children stolen away, forced to kill and commit other atrocities. I knew that my heart wanted to be a part of it all. The trip will be an extra expense and I wept again to know of the extra cash we had stowed away and we could indeed use it and God would take care of us.

Tomorrow we begin to build! I am excited and scared all at once. I am in His hands and need to trust His strength, not my own.

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Duane & Karen said...

Do you have a video of this day in church? Because I do. It is kind of raw, but it could be something to keep your memory alive. I'll send it to you if you would like.

As for church, I remember praying "oh, God, I want church to be like this at home. I'm ready to be on fire, not just keeping to the same routine". And now we are in a church that definently does not keep to a routine and let's God move. And it all started in Uganda!

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