11 January 2008

Our home in Kampala

Emmaus guest house was large enough to house the entire team including the Watoto staff. Married couples were blessed to be given private rooms, most others were in 4 bed rooms and relationships were built and strengthened. We had a king size bed and our own bathroom complete with a gecko that would make nightly visits.

The gazebo is where we held our nightly meetings to share highlights of the day. We laughed, cried, prayed and smelled like bug spray together as more mosquitoes come out at dusk.

The main sitting room had doors to a balcony with the most wonderful view of Kampala and Lake Victoria in the not too far distance. There were always people gathered here, evenings and mornings, visiting, comparing digital photos, watching Animal Network and journaling. It seems that everyone wanted to be sure to remember all the details.

Breakfasts and dinners were served here, and many spilled out to the tables outside. It was funny in the mornings to watch everyone pull out their anti-malaria pills that were supposed to be taken with food. Surprisingly meals consisted of quite normal (western) simple food, chicken (perhaps some other kind of fowl, we weren’t told), fish, pasta, red meat. Desserts were almost always fresh fruit (lots of amazingly good pineapple) once or twice there was ice cream. The fruit was better!

But best of all was the fellowship. There was no assigned seating and we moved around to share meals with as many different people as we could.

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Duane & Karen said...

This seems so long ago. I remember coming in and wondering would anyone accept me. And low and behold I found a new family...43 people from around the world. I want to go back!

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