17 June 2014

Finding Spiritual Whitespace

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I know I'm not the only one who has thought that perhaps life would be easier if we kept our hearts sheltered.

The world around us certainly provides the opportunity to stay so busy that we don't have to listen to the rumblings in our spirit, reminding us that we're hungry for more.

More of what God can provide if we slow down and allow Him entry to all those places we have kept hidden.

I have heard His knock, soft yet persistent
come away, come away
I Am waiting
breathe in the life I offer
free, full, complete
you are never alone
and all that you need
is in Me
together you and I
moment by moment
will create the beauty
that you already are
in the vast quiet space
of My love

Bonnie Gray's wonderful new book Finding Spiritual Whitespace Awakening Your Soul To Rest is part memoir, part workbook and part poetry.  It holds up a mirror for those brave enough to grab the hand of Jesus and take a long, slow look.

As much as you might find yourself captivated by the flow of the words and anxious to read quickly, don't.

This book is meant to be savoured and worked with, not eaten in a few short gulps. Like allowing a chocolate to melt on your tongue, move slowly and allow a conversation to develop and deepen between yourself and the Lover of your soul.

In knowing Him more, you will also find your truest self and in these pages, Bonnie blazes a trail to lead the way.

Bonnie Gray is the writer behind Faith Barista.com who wrote a book about her inspiring, heart-breaking journey to find rest, which garnered Publisher’s Weekly starred review. I’m taking the journey to find rest through this guidebook and invite you to read it too.  You can get a copy HERE.


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Denise said...

Sounds like an awesome book.

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