09 June 2014

face up - face down

often, in quiet moments of rest
not quite sleeping
the Lord shows me 
pictures, seemingly insignificant
but I have learned to look
and see, and ask

yesterday morning, not yet wanting
to rise for the day
not sure if eyes were open
or closed, I saw an image
in a small square
the green felt of a gaming table 
with two hands of cards 
dealt face up

I didn't notice 
the value of each card
so some moments later
I closed my eyes, 
wishing to revisit
the scene
I saw the same table
two hands of cards
this time, face down

I asked God what He was showing me

sometimes I let you see
sometimes you just have to trust me

no other sermon
could have held more truth
as He set the rhythm, unforced
for my Sunday

linking with Kelli to the rhythm He sets



Denise said...

Wonderful writing.

Kelly Chripczuk said...

It's funny I preached a sermon very similar on Sunday based on Jesus calming the storm - how the disciples simply didn't know the truth of what was happening (God was in control) and simply needed to trust. Not an easy lesson, though. Thanks for linking up with Unforced Rhythms :)

Jody Lee Collins said...

I love it when God uses pictures (and dreams) to speak to us. Always so encouraging you are...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and special love language you have with God that He speaks to you this way. Isn't it wonderful how he can use simple images to share profound truths? I'm grateful to have stumbled on your post from Unforced Rhythms. Hope to see you there again.

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