11 June 2014

continuing to prepare

We are halfway into 2014
the year for which I was given 
the OneWord

I wrote about it here
as the year began

There is work to be done, but not in our own power.  
Only in Him can we accomplish anything.  
I am still learning to relax into the work He has already done
the work He is doing and
and the work yet for us to do

the first half of the year
the preparation was heart
and spirit deep
while we were learning to wait

now the pace has quickened
near frantic it seems
until I stop to breathe in Him
remembering to release
the small and the big details
as we pack things for storage
visit the medical clinic
presenting first one
then the other
arm for injections
vaccines to prepare our bodies

I make lists
of things yet to be done
and ponder the pain pricks
of farewells soon to come

the heart deep work will begin anew
on foreign soil
as this year ends and another begins

His Kingdom come
His will be done
in Canada
in Africa
in us all

Velvet Ashes: encouragement for women serving overseas 
Linking up and checking in at The Grove at Velvet Ashes



Paula Gamble said...

Praying for your adventure and that God will give you rest and strength as you prepare to go to a foreign land. When do you leave for Africa?

Denise said...


Lorretta at Dancing on the Dash said...

I know you know this. I remind myself of it every I go: no one can do the specific work God has called YOU to do. And He's already there. Have FUN on this divine adventure!

Kelly Hallahan said...

I'm in the same boat- first half of the year in the US, second half in Africa, Uganda to be specific! Crazy how location changes the meaning of my One Word! Blessings on you as you transition!

Danielle said...

I'm right there with you learning to relax into the work He has already done. Love that line. So glad you shared!

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