01 February 2014

wise words

In my time of quiet, I felt urged to open my ears and let sound in.  
So much wisdom here.  And joy!
These are my favourite lines - but do listen to the whole of it!

Try this, take a breath. 
Isn't that amazing? 
It’s called breathing! 
You’re going to do it a lot. 
But nobody knows exactly how much. 
So enjoy it.

Pay attention. 
Take brain pictures, 
because amazing things will happen every day. 
You're going to do so much. 
But it’s not about what you do. 
It’s about who you are.

in the quiet with Sandy


Anonymous said...

i like the colours in the photo.

caryjo said...

When I saw the photo I saw much of what I see when in northern MN... and other places, of course. I also thought the video was pretty neat. Lots for a kid to do. Wow! Impressed.

Bless you and hope the weather isn't messing things up for you too much. Rather challenging, to say the least, many places. Including ours, of course. Turn to the Lord... all we can do.

Elizabeth Dianne said...

I love this little guy and all he has to say--your favorite lines were mine too!

Poet Laundry said...


Linda@Creekside said...

as much as I long for spring, these kind of beautiful images capture the crispness of winter. and that I love ...

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