04 February 2014

sharp edges

cold leaves me
brittle, too close 
to the edge of 
breaking, when what I
seek is unity
wholeness, to be 

a welcoming place
not these fractures
splintered, sharp to the
touch, come near and 
you leave bleeding

if I claim
innocence, lack of
foul intent, the flow
of pain continues
unhindered, hot
and raw

so let me own this
and ask you now
for grace, forgiveness
patience, that you wait
with me for warmer days

hanging out at the pub with the poets


Brian Miller said...

i cant stand cold relationships...they are painful, all the more so than the cold weather...at least the cold weather can be endured when together...

Björn said...

Wonder if it works waiting for warm weather... it might still be cold in the heart of thing... there might be other things to kindle that ember into fire again?

Mary said...

Grace, forgiveness, and patience are important qualities indeed!

Ronald Shields said...

I believe owning it is vital to patience, forgiveness, and grace.

Lupita said...

We all have our rough edges, and realizing it helps, but also learning how to mitigate it, such as PMS, which can be painful for those around us.

Grace said...

That picture could be my backyard ~ I love the ending stanza, the turn to nurture a relationship to warmth ~

mrs mediocrity said...

It can be so hard to make it through the cold with all its hard edges.... But knowing that warmth is there, on the other side, well, that helps.

Dawn Paoletta said...

That is really tender...I like this: so let me own this and ask you now for grace...beautiful a love the pic!

Claudia said...

grace, forgiveness and patience...surely keys to warm up the climate in a relationship...

bluecottonmemory said...

you draw me beautifully and courageously into forgiveness!

Gabriella said...

I enjoyed your poem, particularly the first stanza. A cold relationship weakens us and makes us more brittle.

Victoria` said...

I'm with you in your characterization of cold, whether in weather or in relationships. Beautifully written study.

Denise said...

Very nice.

Kate Mia said...

Yes..thank Goodness..for the change of seasons..
and the potential to change our emotions..from being dead to truly living..

Atreyee said...

Terrific writing on raw emotions which hurt and an excellent ending-hopefully the warmth will thaw the cold heart:-)

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