18 February 2014

mid-February morning

the sky is brilliant blue
sun looks strangely unfamiliar
there is is a sense of lightness
floating, something like relief
yet the long months of winter 
here are no where close 
to their time of ending

I will take what comfort
and ease I can and joy 
in the lengthening days

hanging out with the poets today



Denise said...

I like that picture.

Mystic_Mom said...


Brian Miller said...

for me the best part of the snow
is the hush it gives the world
each season can be appreciated
for what it is

S. Etole said...

We had beautiful sunshine today and some actual thawing for the first time in months. It will be cold once more but it was such a welcome reprieve.

Claudia said...

oh first.. i Love that pic...and then...the sense of lightness..longer days..yes... spring is in the air already

Mary said...

Yes, I do think we have to take the signs of spring as they come, be thankful for the lighter days even though the cold remains. Well said.

Grace said...

Take and inhale each lengthening day ~ Happy week to you ~

Anonymous said...

let's fluff up our feathers to keep warm...

rallentanda said...

Your Spring will come,but not too soon
I hope because I 'm enjoying our summer:)

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