08 December 2011

Yearn for the waiting

It is a time of noise, static, rush
while hearts yearn
wanting without knowing
the season of waiting

My spirit, jealous for silence
turns to the Lord
asking for words
from His heart alone

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Centre.  Focus.  Come to a place of stillness.  The rush of the world leaves no room to breathe, to be.

I, even I, had to go away to a quiet place, to be restored, to talk with My Father, to drink in life.

The world can twist and crush you with its needs and demands and yes, temptations. Come away to find Me. 

When you step inside, the expanse is vast, the air is rich.  It is here you will find all you truly need.

Praying you find that sweet spot, beneath the shadow of His wings, where you can rest your head upon His chest, inhale His fragrance and find the true meaning of the Advent season.

Unwrapping Jesus with Bonnie

Also sharing with Emily and the imperfect.

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Angi said...

Great post! Coming over from Imperfect Prose :)

PS Love the title of your blog! So cute!

Sandra Heska King said...

Wanting--without knowing the season of waiting.

It strikes me that I'm waiting for the wanting right now. No tree up yet. Just sitting in the shelter of His branches.

Messy Marriage said...

I like that idea - resting on Christ's chest--letting all the noise and busyness go. Great imagery and truth!

Shanda said...

I loved the idea of resting our head on the sweet spot of his chest. So comforting and dear.

nance marie said...

you're right
it's good to have that quiet time...

emily wierenga said...

My spirit, jealous for silence
turns to the Lord

amen, friend. mine is doing this too. may you find peace... xo

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