15 December 2011

Always more to know...

I set aside moments each day for quiet
to find the hush in the rush
knowing He will meet me
right here
right now
just as I am
and there is never enough time
to drink in all that He can pour out
fresh wisdom
new insights
laughter, tears
and boundless love.

He must delight
in surprising me
keeping me always
running back
crawling back
climbing back for more.

Jamming with Bonnie today at Faith Barista

also sharing with Emily and the imperfect



Laura said...


the rusty artichoke said...

that was so beautiful. and paired with the photo... my heart feels drawn to those moments with him - right now - thank you...

emily wierenga said...

sigh. so lovely. i try and make these times even as i'm rushing... try to hush my heart even as the world whirls by...

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