12 April 2011

First run off

Temperatures rise
clouds have scattered
sun streaming warm
on snow blanketed fields
begins the thaw.

What was held fast
to the rhythm of Spring.

Will cold hearts melt
touched tenderly
by His love?

Tears flow
fast, free
preparing the spirit soil
to receive fresh seed
as something new
cries out
to be born.

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ToEwSiEs \0/\oo/\O/ =^^= said...

Love this, thank you!

Brian Miller said...

may the sun find all hearts frozen thawing them in rivers of pure water...

janice said...

thorougly enjoyed reading your poem with the magnificent raging water...depicting your words so beautifully...your poetry will warm even the coldest of hearts...so glad i found this one...bravo...

Jerry said...

The created seasons so aptly express seasons in our own lives. Thawing is always life giving.

Anonymous said...

ah! spring. This was written as an awakening of some sort, light, free, splendid

Jannie Funster said...

What I remember most about runoff is the smell of freshness, and I miss that.

I miss lilacs too, but that is probaby for another poem another day. :)

Lovey to meet your via One Shot.

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