14 April 2011

Disturbed but pleasant, randomly

Slate coloured Junco in our yard
Well, since Duane Scott is hinting that this might be the very last Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday I really must jump in with my own random splatterings...

Yesterday, here in my post on Mere Christianity I quoted C. S. Lewis talking about architects not being the walls in the houses they build...

ever since I can not, simply can not get an old Burt Bacarach song out of my head --

A chair is still a chair
Even when there's no one sitting there
But a chair is not a house
And a house is not a home
When there's no one there
Around and around swirl the words, with new questions popping up.

Is a squirrel still a squirrel if the dog doesn't care?
Would they jump from the branches to sit on a chair
if the chair was still a chair?
If I put out a chair
would the juncos sit there
that keep flying about and will perch anywhere?
And what kind of name is junco anyway?
When I hear it I can think only "junk"
and that's not a nice thing to call a bird, is it?

Take a few minutes to visit Duane and add your own form of random and disturbed pleasantry.  Perhaps we can persuade him that these times of silliness are vital to our mental health!


Angela said...
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Keviana said...

I really enjoyed this post, FireFly! It was cute! ^_^ Have a Blessed Day!

SarahBeeCreations said...

Reminds me of Ratatouille "Why would anyone call it that? Sounds like Rat and Patootie. That doesn't sound delicious"
I love that Bacarach song. I have it on a record on my shelf. "A house is not a home when there's no one there" - it just hits a chord with me.
Thanks for joining in!

Duane Scott said...

Oh, you did get disturbed. :)

My squirrels are still squirrels even if a dog doesn't chase them.

I guess it's what we think in our mind. ;)

Helen said...

My favorite Burt Bacharach song is "What's New Pussycat".
A pussycat is never a squirrel.

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