23 June 2010

Letters of love

To my beloved:

My love grows beyond words, but words are the only tools I have.
I speak them, type them, write them on crisp lined pages in a journal
I keep for you to read each night
before we curl up to dive into prayer and snuggle into sleep.
I can't decide which I savour most, the waking at your side,
or the peace of drifting off, knowing I am anchored and safe.

I could not have dreamed this life, this union orchestrated by the Master.
I could not love until I knew His love,
I could not allow another to know me, or love me, until I could love Him.
Year after year of reckless pursuit left me weary, and angry and cold,
joining with strangers like steel meeting steel
not wanting to know their hearts, or needing to know their names.

Once touched by His hand, I was ready
for the arms of the one He was preparing to receive me.
You, the man with three first names and a heart pliable in His hands.
You opened your small town life to wash away my city filth
as together we dreamed smaller, a place out of town,
the country, in what was already a new nation for me,
but more home than I had ever been before.
You loved Him enough to love me.  
You care for the plants, the pets and me
with exquisite tenderness that brings tears to my eyes.

Together we walk the path He chooses,
however twisted it might appear to our understanding.
Rejoicing in wonder and thanksgiving as He moved us to our country house.
Reeling with worship and awe as He sent us to Africa, starting a chain reaction
that will continue to ripple and alter our lives
so that one day Canada may become only a place to visit.

In the bright swirling blue of your eyes I lose hold of this world and find home.
My prayers cover your back and my heart aches for blessings to surround you.
I learn more each day how to be the wife He desires
for the man that He cherishes much more than I will ever be able
yet I do love you
and love you, with all that I am, now and always.

holy experience
This was written as part of Ann Voskamp's - Walk With Him Wednesday 


Duane Scott said...

I especially like the part how you think someday that Canada will be the place to visit. I too hope that someday, the USA will be my place to visit.

Shelby said...


That is the best love letter I have ever read, bar none.

Thank you for sharing it.

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