22 June 2010

Tuesdays Unwrapped - He Is

As I was thanking and praising the Lord with my journal in hand this morning, He poured out the following word.  Truly a gift meant for me to share.

And if the rains come?  Are you ready to continue to walk in faith?  Are you ready to believe Me on behalf of others - for the farmers you pray for and listen for?  Continue, child, to speak My words - over the harvest and over their hearts.

The enemy enjoys sitting back, watching you draw conclusions based on what you see in the natural - it takes little effort on his part then to drive you to despair. All he needs to do is distract your vision, turn your eyes from Me.  Stand fast and firm, little one, with your eyes and your heart fixed, yes, fixed on Me.

And I will move mountains or give you strength to climb them.

I will part the seas or give you power to swim.

I, Who can make water flow from a rock can bring forth a harvest from a desert or a swamp.

I may not deliver you from your circumstance but deliver you in that circumstance.  I may not remove obstacles but instead choose to give you victory over them.

Will you this day, allow Me to choose the manner in which I will provide My miracles?  For truly I tell you, every miracle is Mine, to glorify My name.

Do not pray for your miracle, watch for Mine.
And I will Be your Deliverer.
And I will Be your Healer.
And I will Be your Peace.
Come running to Me in the bright sunshine.
Come running to Me in the rain.
Sing as the birds sing, simply because I Am.

What are you unwrapping today?  Come share your gifts at Emily's Chatting at the Sky


Bev said...

love, love this post!!! he is all we need!

Missie said...

Beautiful post!

Daughter of the KING said...

Simply because HE IS!

Thank you for sharing this with us.

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