10 June 2010

Dance in the rain

Our land is experiencing an unusual amount of rain this year. People are grumpy; lawns look unruly and farmers grow more nervous and negative with each new cloudy day. In the middle of a prayer meeting last night I sensed that the rains would continue because there are things in our lives still "unclean" that must be exposed and washed away.

This morning I asked the Lord what He wanted to share, and this was His reply:

Know that I Am here. The enemy would have you question My presence - do not listen to any voice but Mine.

Last night you prayed to be washed clean - so I tell you - I will strengthen you to endure the rains that cleanse.

And the rains will leave refreshment as they depart. And the rains will feed new life. And the rains will satisfy the ever increasing need and desire for purity.

Here I had a brief vision of Jesus smiling, laughing and turning in circles with His arms extended in the middle of a downpour.

Do not doubt that I Am in the rain. Just as you have had season when I have asked you to embrace the fire - so now must you run into not away from this new rain.

Some things will wash clean with a soft and gentle mist. Others are more stubborn, hard places, stains, dust hidden in cracks, for these there is the pressure washer - but I will yet see you whole and shining for My glory.

Some will stand. Some will kneel. Some will dance and some will play - but run into My rain.

And watch My deliverence. Keep your eyes fixed on Me and watch for freedom.


WhiteStone said...

Our rains this week have been welcome. This morning's storm in Iowa was full of that low rumbling of gentle thunder in the distance. Comforting in a way. Now the sun is out again.

I'm thankful for the cleansing blood of Christ.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful message

Duane Scott said...

"Here I had a brief vision of Jesus smiling, laughing and turning in circles with His arms extended in the middle of a downpour."

Makes me smile.

Sandra Heska King said...

Run into My rain.

Beautiful thoughts. I need to get over here more often.

@nicolewick said...

I love when you link your journal entries to by blog. Thank you friend.

Kelly Langner Sauer said...

mm. there aren't really words to comment here... i've been drawn to the rain recently, fascinated by it. i am sad that we hate the rain when we prayed for it in the drought. we always think we know what is best, don't we?

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