02 December 2009

Christmas Music Link-up

Kristen started a Christmas playlist link-up yesterday. I'm a day late in responding, but I have a very good excuse, I... I... (okay, just spit it out and get it over with)

I have a confession to make, I will just come out of the closet and admit....

I am techno deprived. I do not have an Ipod, a Smart Phone, a Blackberry...

I haven't bothered to invest in an Ipod because with our slower than slow dial-up internet connection I can't download music anyway.

Deep breath, there, I feel better now.

I do however love Christmas music and have lots of favourites.

Oh, Holy Night - sung by just about anyone
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Mary Did You Know
Do You Hear What I Hear

There are more, too many to take the time to list, but the song that touches me in the most profound way at Christmas is Hark the Herald Angels Sing. It's a song I had sung all of my life without ever really hearing the truth of its message. During a Christmas eve service in 1999 I stood with the new friends that had introduced me to Jesus only months earlier. As we sang the words "Peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled" a waterfall of tears poured from my eyes. That was me we were singing about. I was one of those reconciled sinners! The intensity of the joy in that moment is a feeling I never want to forget.

Jesus wants to reach out and touch our hearts this seaason. Let's make sure we're listening.


Kristen Schiffman said...

Any Christmas music is welcome! Not just the stuff rolling around on an iPod! : )

Love your picks.

crittyjoy said...

:) O Holy Night is one my most favorite songs...ever. It is just so beautiful.

I so agree about Hark the Herald Angels. I have a version that Julie Andrews sings. Her voice with that song...I get chills every time I listen. It is simply beautiful. I love how joyous yet wondrous that song is!

My Mum is like you and I think it is quite alright not to have any of those things :) She says the simple life is the easy life...I think she is very wise!

Deborah said...

I love your list! I had a similar experience the Christmas after I got saved. I was singing Joy to the World and suddenly I heard the words..."let every heart prepare him room"....wow! I'd never really heard it before, and sure never understood it!
Nice seeing you btw...sorry I haven't stopped by in ages!

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