19 December 2009


I have been in a place
that is without words
a place of wonder
a place of awe
the heart of worship.

I shop and I wrap
I bake and celebrate
fellowship and share
moments of joy.

In the glow of coloured lights
I gaze on the nativity scene
upon the mantle
the "Child" my Lord
in swaddling clothes
the miraculous incarnation.

I imagine that the angels
that grace our tree
are filled to overflowing
with songs of rejoicing.

My spirit finds wings
and eyes as I survey
the boughs laden with ornaments
to see through the glitter
and find the true glory.

There, my Lord
a child no longer
adorns the cross.
A gift beyond compare.

My heart breaks,
and mends
and breaks again
in wonder
in awe
the heart of worship.


Corinne said...

Every time I come here I want to tell you that your post is beautiful. I hope it doesn't get old.

This is beautiful.

Erin said...

This is such a beautiful post!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment!

Merry Christmas,

Erin @ Rare and Beautiful Treasures

Faith Imagined said...

Very moving and beautifully written.

Victoria said...

This is so beautiful!

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