03 April 2013

His furious longing displayed

In the last chapter of his book The Furious Longing of God, Brennan Manning writes:
These are moments of truth. You are alone with The Alone. God’s tender feelings for you are no longer dry knowledge. You experience a certainty of God’s longing for intimacy unlike anything you’ve felt in hand-clapping worship or anointed Scripture studies.
I have known such moments and I hold fast to them in memory.

I had been praying one night about ten years ago, asking the Lord to show me His love in a tangible way. The next morning, while still in bed, again during my quiet time of prayer, with one of my cats curled up beside me, I could feel God’s arm around me. I remember telling the cat “We’re not going to move, God is holding us.” Some years later I was talking with the Lord and reminded Him about how He put His arm around me. I could sense Him laughing as He replied “My arm? My child, that was just my little finger.” I thought, of course, He is so very big, I would fit in the palm of His hand.

His love is vast, unimaginable, an ocean I will gladly surrender to and drown in.

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Kelli Woodford said...

beautiful imagery.
if grace is an ocean, we're all sinking - yes?
thanks for sharing at IP.

Mia De Vries said...

I also love the work of Brennan Manning! Have you ever read the work of Mike Yaconelli? I think you will find them quite alike in their love for their Father! Yes, sweet friend, His Embrace of love upholds everyone and everything He has ever created!!! Oh, how wide, and deep and wonderful His amazing love is!

RA Rhodes said...

Excellent Post! My thoughts this morning while I was in my Trysting Place, praying and fellowshipping the Lord, I had the same thoughts....His Love is vast, unimaginable, and ocean that I will surrender and drown in...awesome wording....to completely be covered, to experience the death of desire for the earthly foundation to "sink as Kelli stated" in the Ocean of His Love! Just amazing! Thank you

Fatha Frank said...

I forget exactly how the story goes, but the gist is that the smell of rain was a comfort to this young girl because that was the smell of God's bosom as he held her close.

I've had experiences like yours- felt God cover me like a blanket. There's something comforting that I couldn't explain, but I felt a warmth and security and knew that wa God's way of saying everything will be all right.

Anonymous said...

Those moments are so important and vital to our lives. Love the way He loves us, even though it can be overwhelming at times. Thanks Karin.

Anonymous said...

I like this story.

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