17 April 2013

Always His

I have been away, not only from my home, my dear husband and my sweet dog, but also far from my quiet time with the Lord.  His love is without repentance, and though I felt distance between us He remains close at all times.

As I sat in silence at last this morning, I opened my journal for the first time in too many days and asked Him to share:

Do not feel you have disappointed Me, little one.  
Even when you could not see the light, or feel the light, 
you were still carrying the light.  
You shine for others to see

I will pour into all the places you have drained dry.

What you have emptied I will fill.  
Let Me soak every dry spot to overflowing,
 for you are, as always, Mine.


1 comment:

Nancy Sturm said...

Beautiful! May He fill all your dry places and keep your light shining for others.

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