04 April 2013

Chosen path

each new day
I choose yet again
to walk a narrow road
where the first footfall 
is often mine
there is uncertainty
in both the light
and the shadows
but I am reminded
once again
I do not walk alone

His words to me this morning  brought sweet comfort:

I Am with you wherever you wander, wherever you linger, near or far mean nothing to Me
We have come into agreement, little one, that I Am in you, as you remain in Me
No distance separates what is united in the secret place
Come and keep coming, let your heart remain open

By this we know that we abide in him and he in us, 
because he has given us of his own Spirit. 



Dianne said...

Sweet communion............

Anonymous said...

i Love that God does not leave us.

Julia Chiang said...

Very beautiful....we are not alone.

michelle said...

I love this poem. So beaituful.

RA Rhodes said...

And you said, "each new day
I choose yet again" .....every day we have been given the awesome privilege of choice...choose ye life or death...but choose life that you may live....powerful thank you for the first morning thoughts of my choosing....

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