28 February 2013

I was, I am Sara Jayne

Yesterday, in response to Emily's word prompt food I wrote about a young girl named Sara Jayne. Comments I received touched a place deep inside:

Kelly wrote:
i would love to scoop up that little Sara Jayne and whisper in her ear that she is lovely and loved. that she is not only her body, but that she can rise above all that her body holds her to by holding a firmer Hand. one that never lets go.
this is how to fly.
and Elizabeth said:
So so tender. I pray for healing for the spirit of this child and those who share this place of pain. Gently AND beautifully told. Thank you for calling to mind these places we go as humans of missing how much we are loved by him, right where we are. 
Yes, the words reached straight into my wounded soul and it astounds me how much shame I feel in admitting that though her name is fiction, her story is mine.

when there appeared to be no way out
caught in a vertiginous cycle of hating self
driven by hungers nothing could quench
grasping anything that might be approval
validation or love
He Was, He watched, He waited

There is a love that surpasses dreams
in His perfect timing
my eyes could see
and I fell breathless into His embrace

today I pray
don't let me wander far
or look for anything but Him
to satisfy the aching, reaching empty place
He designed to occupy with Himself

may I never lose this hunger
this wanting more of Him



diana said...

Both days were beautiful, Karin. And I so relate to this search for 'bigness,' this craving for enough. It's a part of my story, too - and I've known Jesus since I was a very little girl. Sometimes the messages from family and culture do their damage before we're even conscious of it. And it takes a lifetime of deep spiritual and psychological work to even begin to sift it out. Thanks for encouraging us to do that sifting.

Kelli Woodford said...

oh, my heart.

love and hugs and sweet peace to you, dear one. you are brave and real and your honesty has taught us all how to fly.

how to seek what satisfies. thank you. (hushed here.)

Anonymous said...

i also pray that we do not wander far from the bread of life. knowing that God is the only one that can speak to the longing of our heart and soul.

BARBIE said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I too am on a journey of drawing closer to God and not allowing anyone or anything pull me about from His presence. Have a blessed weekend.

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