14 November 2012

Welcome email - High Calling Newsletters

I just finished working my way through The High Calling's weekly e-newsletter from September 5, 2012.

I started by both reading and listening to a short devotional by Howard E. Butt, Jr. about a young couple who both battled cancer but chose to live out what time they had with joy. I enjoyed listening to the compassion and wisdom in Butt’s voice.

Next, I was drawn to an article titled Next in Line at the Food Stamp Window about someone who never expected to be dealing with food stamps, and unemployment.  Keri Anguiano writes:  “But what happens when you do exactly what you’re supposed to do, and things still don’t turn out right?” and goes on to explain the worries and uncertainties that come from working as teacher. She writes: “My faith doesn’t immunize me against hardship. Oftentimes I wonder if it invites hardship. I wonder if Christians endure more challenging lives than the rest of the population.”

I continued reading, Jennifer Dukes Lee wrote about the mother she is and the mother she isn’t and learning to accept our limitations.  There were also links to excellent articles from others that are part of High Callings Community.

The last link I clicked was to a video and story, again by Howard E. Butt, Jr. about integrity in business.  This short but true piece was amusing but a clear warning at the same time.

Of the many newsletters I receive in my email inbox, this is the only one that I read through consistently, at least scanning each and every article.  Yes, it’s that good and well worth my time and yours.

I completed this review for Handlebar – Directions for Publishing in exchange for a gift card from Amazon dot com.  The opinions I have expressed are my own.



Laura Boggess said...

I'm so glad you enjoy our community, Karen. What a blessing to find like minds and hearts in this big world :)

Marcus Goodyear said...

Yay! I hope you'll also consider entering in our drawing to bring two people to Laity Lodge with travel. It's a gift we're offering the community:


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