10 November 2012

The in-betweens

Snow has left the world outside my window clean, fresh and silent.
The flakes fall so fast and fierce it is hard to see.
As I opened my journal, 
the Lord reminded me to trust His lead
not my own vision.

When you feel you are going in circles, trust that I Am leading you.
Even those places you return to again and again are seen in a different way each time 
for I have changed you in the "in-betweens".
I have a plan and a purpose for all things.
Why should you think this would not include all parts of your life?
Circles, lines, uphill or down --
Listen, follow My lead.

Seeking the secret place with Cheryl

and the silence of stillness with Sandy


1 comment:

Pam said...

His words to you speak into my life too... and deepen hope. Thanks for sharing! The photo is lovely too...

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